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This is the poem written by Sanjeev Karki, a student of Peace Nepal Academy and studies in grade 8. 

Who am I?

Who am I? There are avenues to approach this question. Am I my name, my roles, mind and body? There can be sudden or gradual changes in these areas. Am I always the same? If so, there is nothing I can do to change myself? If I am always changing,....


A poem describing enlightenment

Enlightenment by Kuldeep Keshari

Long before when I was young and innocent I would witness with astonishment The deeds, malice and flames of moon; The union of their tongue Death, disease, misery and pain I found then all hard to understand   Then I heard of enlightenment I heard that Buddha got enlightenment Dazzling....

The God In The Building by Kuldeep Keshari

“Have you ever met the God?” This is what one of my friends at school questioned My voice so stern and bold, I blurted out with a clipped "Yep!" Bewildered and stunned at my credence He asked me how that even came to existence   Pointing my finger right at....

test by puja shrestha

description test by puja shrestha